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Seprod pumps $440M into farmlands to launch lactose-free dairy milk in June


On the heels of the launch of the ‘Drink Real Milk’ campaign, Seprod Group of Companies is investing $440 million in its farmlands in an effort to double the milk yield per cow.

Concurrently, the company is eyeing the inclusion of milk as opposed to milk powder in the production of its value-added products including evaporated milk, yogurts and whipping cream.

CEO of the Group, Richard Pandohie, in an interview with the Jamaica Observer last Friday during the launch of the partnered ‘Drink Real Milk’ campaign, said the company has started investments of $150 million in its Serge farms for irrigation, drilling new wells and linking them to the fodder production. Another $40 million will be invested in the certification of the farmlands, and $250 million in equipment.

Published in the Observer
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