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Pepsi Jamaica Invests In New Line For ‘Kicks’

Pepsi-Cola Jamaica Bottling Company is spending more than a billion dollars on a new line for a product that will hit retail shelves by year end, adding Jamaica to a limited number of markets for the largely unknown drink.

With added caffeine and ginseng, Pepsi Kick sounds like an energy drink, but the company says it’s not aimed at that market segment, nor do its ingredients fit the profile.

“We’re not really positioning this drink as an energy drink. we are positioning this drink as a boost to your day,” Brand Manager for Carbonated Beverages at Pepsi Jamaica Elizabeth Allen told the Financial Gleaner.

“Pepsi Kick has caffeine and ginseng while the energy drinks have other additives such as taurene, guarana, and so on,” she said. Kick has zero sugar and zero calories and uses the artificial sweetener aspartame.

The product, first launched in Mexico and then expanded into European markets, and now was Pepsi Jamaica aims to have it on retail shelves here before Christmas.

The new production line is costing US$10 million (J$1.35 billion) and will be commissioned later this year to meet the distribution deadline for Kick.

Published in the Jamaica Gleaner
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