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New Ethanol Plant For Jamaica


Benchmark Renewable Energy plans to construct a 10 million-gallon ethanol plant and grow the sweet sorghum that it intends to use as feedstock in Jamaica within the next two years.

The Florida-based company also plans to sell the biofuel to Petrojam to replace about 80 per cent of the country’s imported ethanol currently blended into gasolene sold at the local pumps.

The biofuel will fire a 6MW electrical generator that will supply the processing facility with its energy needs and provide 3MW to the national grid.

Juan Briceno says it will take around a year to get an ethanol plant up and running, while farming operations need just begin four to five months before the processing facility is commissioned.

But first, the CFO of Benchmark says a lease agreement for 4,000 hectares of land needed to grow the feedstock for the plant has to be inked, followed by an offtake agreement with the state-run refinery, Petrojam, soon thereafter.

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