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LIME Jamaica Makes Big Bet On AWS Spectrum


The new 15-year licences and spectrum acquired by the top two mobile phone providers will position both to deploy fourth-generation broadband services at higher speed, but LIME Jamaica has chosen to buy spectrum at a higher frequency.

Both companies plan to eventually deploy Long Term Evolution or LTE services, but via different platforms.

Digicel Jamaica acquired spectrum on the 700 megahertz band, while LIME’s Managing Director Garfield Sinclair said his company chose to acquire two blocks on the 1700 to 2100 MHz frequency, a range otherwise referred to as Advanced Wireless Services (AWS) spectrum.

Specifically, LIME bought the 1710-1722 Mhz and 2110-2122 MHz frequencies, Sinclair said, with an eye on cost.

The AWS spectrum is “going to provide us with maximum cost efficiency,” he told the Financial Gleaner.

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