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JPS poised to come up with more solutions — Tomblin


IN the wake of suppliers in the solar energy sector crying unfair over what they deem to be direct competition from the Jamaica Public Service, (JPS), Kelly Tomblin, president and CEO of the light and power company, has hit back that JPS is poised to “come up with more and more solutions for our customers”.

“There was a question of JPS becoming too powerful… I think JPS is just getting started. We have 1,700 of the most intelligent, creative people I have ever met,” Tomblin argued.

“We are looking at storage and how we can combine that with solar; we are going out everywhere making sure we are best in class. So JPS is… I don’t want to say just getting started again, but we really are at our foundation level. We see a vision that really sees us doing a lot more and a lot more innovation with a lot more different people.”

Published in the Observer
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