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Jamaican coffee prices set for another increase


JAMAICA coffee prices are set for another round of double-digit increases based on heightened demand and production shortages, according to the Jamaica Coffee Exporters Association (JCEA).

Expect the supply of coffee to meet demand in about three years.

“The shortage of Jamaican coffee caused by the drop in production has increased demand, and accordingly the price of cherry coffee at farm gate has risen significantly over the past few months by as much as 50 per cent,” said John Minott, chairman of the Jamaica Coffee Exporters Association (JCEA) in a release on Wednesday. “It is therefore expected that due to these increased costs the price of both green and roasted coffee products will increase accordingly. We therefore wish to sensitise the public of this pending increase and to ask you to continue to support our industry as we strive to get back to normality.”

Published in the Jamaica Observer
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