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Jamaica could meet global demand for its ginger by 2019


LOCAL farmers could meet the global demand for Jamaican ginger by 2019, according to the Agriculture Ministry.

Ginger output is on target to near-double this year should the 320 hectares (790 acres) under production yield the expected 3,000 metric tons (tonnes).

That’s more than five times the 460 tonnes produced in 2009. But the long-term demand for Jamaican ginger globally is estimated to be 21,000 tonnes, or five per cent of total world demand for the root.

Meeting demand will require another 1,460 hectares to be put into production.

“Once the farmers continue to embrace the best practices, and there is sufficient buy-in from the market,” the country could meet that demand “in five years”, said Byron Henry, general manager of the Export Division at the Ministry of Agriculture.

Published in the Jamaica Observer
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