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How the IDB plans to secure savings from traffic management


The US$30 million loan granted in December 2016 by the Inter-American Development (IDB) and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) for a new Energy Management and Efficiency Programme (EMEP) targets the demand side of road transport sectors which, along with inefficient public sector operations, are estimated to consume more than 45 per cent of energy used in Jamaica.

The absence of a complete Urban Traffic Management System (UTMS) to synchronise the operation of 161 traffic lights is identified as a key factor causing congestion in the KMR contributing to fuel inefficiency and inefficiency in urban mobility.

So indicates the technical document which accompanies the loan agreement, which also outlines that fuel consumption associated with public transportation services has increased by 34 per cent (2010-2014), costing the Government of Jamaica from US$11.1 to US$16.1 million in annual fuel bills.

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