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Hawkeye breaks into T&T security market


Sean Clacken, CEO of Hawkeye Security Ltd, indicated this week that security expert Joseph Smith has been appointed managing director of Hawkeye’s new offices in Trinidad.

DLM Group, holding company for the security firm, announced on Wednesday that Hawkeye has expanded to Trinidad, its first expansion into the wider Caribbean.

Smith, Clacken said, “has extensive security experience in Jamaica and Trinidad – 20 years – and has resided in Trinidad for over 10 years. He has also run a large security company in Trinidad.”

In Trinidad, Clacken added, the company will be building new business from the ground up, “focusing first on delivering two primary services – Guarding Services & Vehicle Tracking. Over time, we will expand to offer the full line of security solutions that we offer in Jamaica.”

Published in the Observer
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