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Future proofing the Caribbean energy sector

Electricity continues to be one of the most expensive inputs into the manufacturing process as well as a significant cost in the budgets of households in the Caribbean.

Consequently, the governments of the day are faced with this being an agenda item during each term they spend in office. The question being: “What policy can be introduced to assist with reducing the cost of this essential input into the lives of their constituents?”

The Ministry with responsibility for Energy in Jamaica released the National Energy Policy 2009-2030 in 2009. The policy envisages “A modern, efficient, diversified and environmentally sustainable energy sector providing affordable and accessible energy supplies with long-term energy security and supported by informed public behaviour on energy issues and an appropriate policy, regulatory and institutional framework.”

The policy lays out 7 fundamental elements essential to achieving this goal, and as the principal director in the ministry told the Jamaica Chamber of Commerce recently, the three main elements involve:

• Seeking to adjust the institutionalised behavioural pattern of the citizens by ensuring they are more aware of the impact on the demand and cost of electricity driven by their consumption pattern.

Published in the Jamaica Observer
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