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For JP, 2014 is about brand push and new products


JAMAICA Producers Group (JP) will launch a series of chips, coffees and juices destined for Latin America this year.

The new products aimed to boost foreign exchange earnings, although the company already earns four-fifths of its income externally.

“We are launching a new snack brand in the Dominican Republic which will be a full product range,” Jeffrey Hall, managing director at JP group, told the Observer “We are also expanding in Central America — Panama. We also spoke about new products in the Jamaican snack business.

“I expect to grow our export business — I expect double-digit growth.”

The St Mary’s brand in addition to its regional expansion will offer new packaging and launch niche snacks including sweet potato chips and chili chips.

The Tortuga brand will see new rum confectionery and increased exposure in US retail outlets.

Published in the Jamaica Observer
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