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BPO Market Energised – More Jobs Coming As Operators Expand


Sutherland Global will roll out two new call centre operations in six months.

But in alignment with the type of energy now flowing through the business processing outsourcing or BPO sector, the industry-preferred identity, the country manager for Sutherland, Odetta Rockhead Kerr, is pushing to cut the timetable for commissioning those new seats in half, having used up all her available capacity at three locations.

Seats to the BPO sector means jobs for the economy. And right now the BPO sector accounts for approximately 22,000 pay cheques. That’s 80-90 per cent more jobs than the market was delivering two years ago, according to Jampro.

The investment promotion agency now projects that the BPO sector will double those jobs in three years to 44,000, numbers that are premised on the ongoing expansions under way by players like Sutherland, but also the investment prospects that Jamaica is wooing.

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