Seprod Limited

Seprod Limited was incorporated in July 1940 to produce soap and edible products. Through focused strategic planning, company acquisitions, market responsiveness, product diversification to meet the needs of our local and international clientele, as well as strong local and export marketing, the company has grown to include several subsidiaries and is positioned among the largest in its sector locally. The subsidiaries are Caribbean Products Company Limited, Serge Island Dairies Limited, Serge Island Farms Limited, Belvedere Limited, Golden Grove Sugar Company Limited, Jamaica Grain & Cereals Limited, International Biscuits Limited and Industrial Sales Limited.

We manufacture and distribute edible oils and fats at Caribbean Products Company, which is the principal manufacturer of cooking oil and fats in Jamaica. Its famous brands include: Chef Oil, Chiffon and Gold Seal Margarines. Specialty fats for the bakery and fast food trades and private label brands are also manufactured by this subsidiary.

Serge Island Dairies is the largest manufacturer of UHT beverages and milk in Jamaica with popular brands including Serge Island Milk, Swizzzle and Cool Fruit. The company also manufactures chilled products as well as private labels. Its activities are complemented by Serge Island Farms, which is the largest modern dairy farm in Jamaica, producing approximately 50% of the island’s fresh milk. Both companies as well as Belvedere Limited are located in the Serge Island complex which sits on over five thousand acres of land in the parish of St. Thomas. Belvedere grows mangoes for the overseas market.

The acquisition of Golden Grove Sugar Company expanded our farming activities to include the growing of sugar cane and manufacturing of sugar.

For over forty years, the manufacturing of Refined Cornmeal, Whole Meal, Grits (Bakers and Brewers) and Cracked Corn has been carried out by Jamaica Grain & Cereals Limited with a modern dry milling plant, which has the flexibility of producing a wide range of corn products.

International Biscuits Limited (IBL) became a subsidiary of Seprod Limited through acquisition of the manufacturing assets of Kraft Foods Jamaica Limited in September 2007. IBL makes several well-recognised brands of biscuit: Butterkist Cookies, Snackables, Pick Nix, Cream and Whole Wheat Crackers, Paco Cookies and CocoMalt. The Butterkist brand has long enjoyed loyal and good brand recognition. IBL also does contract manufacturing.

Industrial Sales Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Seprod and is involved in the merchandizing of consumer products such as the Miracle brand, CANNON Laundry Bar,
All-Purpose Cleaners and Laundry Detergent.

Seprod employs a direct labour force of over 1,500 persons. We emphasize efficiency in manufacturing through a high level of staff training and utilization of state-of-the-art facilities. Our role as a good corporate citizen is underscored by involvement in our community and the country at large, and support of various charities, education and civic organizations.

Seprod is committed to producing products of the highest quality, as indicated by our motto, “Made by Seprod must be good”.

Management Team

  • Gregory Harvey

    General Manager, Serge Island Dairies Limited

  • Clement Burnett

    General Manager, Caribbean Products Company Limited

  • Evrol Dixon

    Plant Manager, International Biscuits Limited

  • Neville Ledgister

    General Manager, Industrial Sales Limited

  • George Morris

    Operations Manager, Golden Grove Sugar Company Limited

  • Rupert Ashman

    Group Information Systems Manager

  • Marcia Kitson-Walters

    Group Marketing Manager

  • Milton Maragh

    Group Project Manager

  • Angela Cooper

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Marilyn Anderson

    Corporate Secretary