Mona GeoInformatics Institute

The SMART company, MonaGIS serves as the GIS (Geographic Information Sciences) hub for the University of the West Indies Mona Campus. In addition to serving the campus by delivering training courses and participating in campus research activities, MonaGIS provides GIS services to the public and private sectors locally, regionally and internationally using the largest private GIS database in Jamaica, all combined with excellent technical skills and governed by effective management.

MonaGIS can provide analyses, recommend detailed solutions, and design crucial components for any organization’s GIS needs. MonaGIS is the only organization in Jamaica that can provide advanced geographic information science solutions, and our philosophy – SMART – defines this.

MGI’s Software Development Division combines the science and technology components of a true and complete GIS operation, bringing brilliant software developers and engineers with the dedicated skills and training of geographers, geologists and environmental scientists. Our problem-solving skills are matched with our practical and pragmatic approach to business.

MonaGIS is the developer of the Caribbean’s first and Jamaica’s only GPS navigation system called JAMNAV©. The JAMNAV© dataset contains:

  • Over 23,000 kilometers of navigable roads across Jamaica
  • Over 24, 000 points of interest (POIs) in 70 categories
  • Over 3,300 settlements islandwide
  • Over 900 ambient and base features
  • Over 115,000 3D buildings islandwide

Management Team

  • Dr. Ava Maxam

    Deputy Director

  • Dr. Parris Lyew-Ayee


  • Michael Evelyn

    Deputy Director