HTG Engineering Consultants Limited

HTG Engineering Consultants Limited provides residential, commercial & industrial Mechanical, Electrical,, Plumbing (M.E.P.) & Structural/Civil Engineering solutions within Jamaica. HTG also investigates the energy consumption and power quality of our clients existing JPS utility supply as well as locate combustible gas leaks in and around the building. Recently we have added thermal infrared imaging, energy monitoring/management and air quality testing to our list of services.

The company was conceptualized in January 2009 in response to a growing demand for MEP engineering consultants to fit the full range of the engineering design & analysis market. The lack of Engineers at this level caused a number of errors through under or over designing as well as lack of supervision during the construction phase. By bringing a combined 32 years of technical experience the partners in the company are easily able to satisfy the design needs of our clients. A few areas that are being concentrated on with our MMEP Designs are as follows;

1. M.E.P. Engineering Design Service
2. HVAC design services
3. Energy Power Audits
4. Energy Management/Monitoring Systems
5. Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Surveys
6. Thermal Infrared Inspections
7. Tender Document preparation & Administration
8. Tender Evaluation

The staff and engineers at HTG Engineering Consultants Limited are committed to providing the most efficient and effective solution to our clients. We believe in having the right tools for the jon to conduct our testing and inspections, hence with the aid of our up to date equipment, we aim to produce accurate analysis as well as strong reporting capabilities to our clients.

With a diverse skill set we at HTG Engineering give our clients the best advice and design as necessary based on any particular situation. For 2013 HTG Engineering has expand our our staffing by bringing on an engineer with an impeccable design and construction background that will complement the goals and services required by the company.


Management Team