In 1962, Carreras of Jamaica was registered ‘to carry on business as tobacco and cigar merchants and importers of and dealers in tobacco, cigars, cigarettes, snuff, matchlights, pipes and any other articles required by or useful to smokers…’. Prior to this, Carreras UK had been trading in Jamaica for over 30 years. From 1975 to 1994, the Company diversified its operations to own 11 different companies in the service, agriculture and manufacturing sectors, but divested itself of the nontobacco businesses in 2004.

Carreras has a special place in Jamaica’s history as the first Company to establish a manufacturing plant in post independent Jamaica. The Company takes this distinction seriously and has been exemplary in contributing to the nation’s growth and development over the last 50 years. The Company has built a reputation for producing high quality cigarette brands to meet the diverse tastes of consumers, created employment, discharged their fiduciary responsibilities with the utmost care and implemented corporate social responsibility initiatives which have empowered numerous lives.

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