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Snappy apps for 2015


NEW YORK, USA (AP) — Uber, Facebook, Instagram — sure, they’ve been all the rage, but as 2015 begins we’re all ready for something fresh. From ride-hailing to photo-sharing, here are a few up-and-coming apps and startups to watch in 2015. Which will be the breakout hit of the new year?


Instagram, which is owned by Facebook Inc, now has 300 million users — more than Twitter. Scrolling through its snapshot feeds gives users a quick glimpse into the lives of friends and strangers. (At least the parts that include empty beaches, cappuccinos with perfect foam hearts and smiling babies in clean clothes.) Its simplicity is part of its appeal. But what if you want to tell a longer story?

Enter Storehouse, a mobile app that promises to let you share “your stories, as they happen”. Instead of sharing one-off photos, Storehouse lets users combine photos, videos and words to share anything from a detailed recipe, to travel memories or a first-person documentary on the Yakuza. Storehouse was founded by Mark Kawano, who previously worked at Apple as a user experience evangelist, helping developers design iOS and Mac apps.

“Writers always had a great platform for blogging,” Kawano said recently. “But that hasn’t happened with photographers yet.” Other photo apps, he said, are basically just status updates in a visual form. Storehouse hopes to change that.

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