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Is your website last years design?


Web design concepts are always changing and as a result it is fairly easy for a web designer or a seasoned browser of the Internet with a keen eye and a knowledge of the new trends in design to detect whether or not your website is cutting-edge or “old school”.

The truth is that for the last 10 years we have had a pretty general “go to” pattern, defined by the traditional header, footer, sidebar and content area. Then with the huge shift to macromedia we have found the new trends are anything but fixed. The new norm produced a season of no-formula websites that are flexible and exciting.

The one thing that is here to stay, however, is the responsive website trend that was unveiled back in 2010. In fact, with the release on Tuesday of “Mobilegeddon”, Google is adding as a requirement that websites be fully functional in mobile devices if they hope to rank in the visible search engine results at all. Google has now provided a tool in its Webmasters Tool Kit on which you can check your site to see if it passes Google’s mobile litmus test.

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