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I Took the GMAT With No Preparation. Here’s What Happened

At around question 13, the questions suddenly got easier. Had I failed at enough questions that the adaptive-testing algorithm had officially clicked over to the remedial level? I felt some relief. Then the succeeding 16 questions were hopeless. I couldn’t focus on the bleak, problem-filled monitor. I felt slightly comforted that test-takers around the world were looking at this exact same 17-inch screen. They probably studied.

My ears started to sweat, so I took off the headphones. The soft mouse clicks around me made me jittery. Suddenly, I noticed 20 seconds left on the clock and rapidly started selecting C, C, C, aware of the penalty for unanswered questions. I was slowed by the two-click process required to confirm my answers, and the GMAT shut me down at question 36 of 37.

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