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Google Shows Off Android Auto, Wearables


Some one billion people are now using Android devices, Google said as the company kicked off its two-day developer conference Wednesday in San Francisco.

But the online search leader’s effort to broaden its focus beyond smartphones and tablets was on full display as the company unveiled far-reaching plans to push further into the living room, the family car and the TV set.

As part of a nearly three-hour opening presentation, Google gave more details about Android Wear, a version of the operating system customised for wearable gadgets such as smartwatches. The company also introduced Android Auto, which has been tailored to work with cars. Android TV, meanwhile, is optimised for TV-watching, aided by a recommendation system and voice searches for things like Breaking Bad or “Oscar-nominated movies from 2002”.

About 6,000 developers, bloggers and journalists flocked to the event.

Following Google’s recent revelation that showed that just 30 per cent of its employees are women, the company touted that the number of women attending its conference grew to 20 per cent this year from eight per cent a year earlier.

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