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From Android to Wearables to a New Auto Interface, What You Need to Know From Google’s I/O Conference


Tech giant Google announced some big updates and new products today at its I/O developers conference in Mountain View, Calif. Among them are a new mobile operating system, a user interface for automobiles and a home automation and integration system.

Google hopes that these complementary products and interfaces will be the basis for a seamless experience across all of our devices including our cars and homes.

Here’s a quick rundown:


Google appears to be dropping the candy naming convention, opting to simply call its new mobile operating system Android L.

The most important new component is the visually striking Material Design, a new layered design interface with improved touch, 60 frame-per-second animated transitions and inter-app functionality that allows apps to open other apps.

For instance, when users search for a restaurant in Chrome and select an OpenTable link, it will open OpenTable instead of a new webpage — a function Google is allowing developers at large to implement.

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