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How to Balance Your Personal and Professional Presence Online

As Twitter has grown in influence as both a social platform and a communication channel for companies, I have recalibrated the way I interact with people there–and, by extension, any social network where I represent my brand. It has been a subtle shift, but an important one.

This was on my mind when a question came up at a marketing event where I spoke recently: How do you balance the personal and professional on social networks?

I advocated for a blending of the two. At its heart, that’s the real opportunity of social media, isn’t it? People do business with people–not faceless, soulless edifices. Don’t you want your prospects and customers online to have an opportunity to get to know you, just as your contacts in real life do?

However, since that event, I’ve given the subtleties of the matter more thought. It’s a delicate issue that needs to be handled deftly. So, what is the best way to balance these two sides of your online identity?

Establish who you are as an entrepreneur. What’s your point of view as a business professional? Think of a bigger story–a broader perspective–that represents who you are. That perspective can help you discern what to share and what conversations to participate in on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and the rest. It can also guide your efforts to share a bit of yourself beyond what your business does, and give your followers insight into who you are (without getting too personal or political).

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