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5 Steps To Unstoppable Self-Motivation


Kemmons Wilson, founder of Holiday Inn Hotels, once said: “A successful person realises his personal responsibility for self-motivation. He starts with himself because he possesses the key to his own ignition switch.” This realisation is critical, especially now as more people lose their drive and passion for their jobs.

The reasons people share with me why they are unmotivated vary. Those reasons include low pay, rude and overbearing bosses, boredom, and conflicts with their co-workers.

Here’s what most people miss in attempting to elucidate why they’re not charged at work, however: Feeling enthusiastic and energised about work isn’t ultimately about the common reasons usually cited. Motivation isn’t primarily determined by one’s external circumstances. It’s an inside-out job. That truth is at the heart of Wilson’s quote above.

Whether you’re feeling motivated or unmotivated is your personal responsibility. You decide. And you practise.

Here are five keys to ignite the flame of your unstoppable inner drive.

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