Publishers’ Note

For over a dozen years, our sister publication – Who’s Who in Trinidad & Tobago Business – hasbeen the premier business network communication channel in that nation.

Jamaica’s population is nearly twice that of Trinidad’s. Our business community is as vibrant – if not more so – and more dispersed than Trinidad’s. The international business community – including the Jamaican diaspora – is keen on doing business in Jamaica. And our local companies are stridently pursuing ventures beyond our shores. It is in this light that Cousins Publishing Limited – a 100 per cent Jamaican company – with the advice and guidance of our partners in Trinidad, saw it absolutely essential to launch, in Jamaica, this proven, effective, and dynamic outlet for showcasing the very best of our business community.

We thank our advertising partners for choosing this medium to showcase their organisations. We are committed to bringing you tremendous value through this groundbreaking, relationship-building publication (and our resourceful website – We thank our readers (and users) – both local and international – who will, no doubt, find this to be an indispensable resource through which to identify the most dynamic Jamaican business organisations and their leadership teams.

In August 2012, Jamaica celebrated 50 years as an independent nation. A year later, much of the pomp surrounding that momentous occasion has quieted. Quite expectedly, Jamaica 51 (and beyond) doesn’t garner the same degree of fanfare as Jamaica 50. It should. Surely our first 50 years as an independent nation consisted of tremendous feats in all aspects of society – not the least being in business. Indeed many of Jamaica’s pioneering business organisations – and business leaders – were either born or came of age in our first 50 years of independence. But with all the great triumphs the first 50 years produced, it also brought challenges of equal, if not greater, magnitude. Many of the companies featured in this publication have been refined by those fires and have emerged as the crème de la crème of the Jamaica business landscape.

But this publication is not about our past; it is about our present and our future – year 51 and beyond. Within these pages you will find the old pillars of the Jamaican business landscape alongside the dynamic new forces in Jamaican business. You will find both large, established conglomerates and small, disruptive organisations.

Through this publication, you will be able to identify the leadership teams of these dynamic organisations – innovative and energetic leaders who are charting the course of their organisations and, by extension, that of Jamaica’s business community.

The publication features the government agencies, regulatory bodies, and trade organisations that are ensuring that the playing field of business in Jamaica is safe, efficient, and fair.

Who’s Who in Jamaica Business 2013-2014 is, undoubtedly, a comprehensive, one-stop repository for fostering collaboration and connection within the business community and delivering vital information for outside investors and prospective partners seeking to do business in Jamaica.

Within these pages – and the virtual pages of our website ( – are the organisations and leaders guiding us down a new course in Jamaican business and innovation. Some of these organisations are large, some are small, some are young, some are old; all are truly representative of the finest in Jamaican business – the Who’s Who in Jamaica Business.

We trust that you will find this to be an invaluable resource for navigating the very best of Jamaica’s business community, both now and for many years to come.

Paul Lewis & Din Duggan
Publishers – Who’s Who in Jamaica Business 2013-2014
Co-Founders, Cousins Publishing Ltd.