Publishers’ Note

Geopolitical uncertainties notwithstanding, economic expansion is front and center in global economic centers, including right here at home. It is in this context that we eagerly present this year’s edition of our publication, Who’s Who in Jamaica Business.

Jamaicans at large and the Jamaican business community, specifically, have been rolling up their sleeves and embracing a variety of personal and business growth and development opportunities.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) program has at long last forced a macroeconomic discipline in Jamaica aimed at cleaning up our economic house, eradicating non-essential spending, meeting our Net International Reserves (NIR) requirements and, ultimately, sparking real economic growth.

With that foundation in place, the companies represented in this edition have taken up the challenge to grow their businesses and, by extension, the Jamaican economy.

“We don’t give up, we don’t give in” is the collective mantra of these organisations. Small, medium, and large companies alike have rolled up their sleeves and are working harder than ever to produce the results necessary to redirect our economic trajectory towards meaningful and sustainable growth.

This renewed vigor is arguably the missing ingredient for a new Jamaican economic greatness; the organisations represented in this edition have boldly accepted the challenge of leading us to the heights to which we all aspire. There is a palpable buzz – an excitement – regarding the possibilities and potential outcomes.

The leadership of the companies featured in these pages are united in sounding the battle cry for a heretofore unseen level of corporate dedication, focus and teamwork. Jamaica can and must achieve her best and we, the people of Jamaica, must band together to ensure that outcome.

With a focus on growth in this edition, we have enlisted contributions from members of the business community in essays on topics such as national development, developing the next wave of leaders, fast tracking the Business Process Outsourcing infrastructure (BPO), identifying investments, getting the most out of our trade agency – JAMPRO, going for BIG GROWTH, understanding the value and power of linkages, and “Beer Beyond Borders.” We’ve also included an intriguing contribution on the value of exports and production here at home.

We are also pleased to recognise this year’s Business Icon – Glen Christian, a man with an inspiring story of diving in head first to ultimately create a formidable business empire, which continues to contribute to Jamaica’s development. Hats off Glen!

Education is paramount to achieving our shared mission and, to this end, we are pleased to feature the academic institutions, which continue to shape the minds of our future leaders.

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We hope you enjoy this latest installation of Who’s Who in Jamaica Business!

Paul Lewis & Din Duggan
Publishers – Who’s Who in Jamaica Business
Co-Founders, Cousins Publishing Ltd.